Jordan Brown

The University of Bristol is one of our many education customers who are benefitting from everything that Microsoft Surface Hub has to offer. Our Exeter team recently integrated a number of units into the University as part of their exciting ‘New Ways to Work’ programme.

University of Bristol’s initiative was developed with the aim to assess how technology and flexible spaces can augment their working practices and facilitate a more efficient and inclusive environment. The project involved approaching three topics – New Spaces, New Tools, and Smarter Working – with Microsoft Surface Hub providing a valuable asset within the scheme.

The University worked alongside Training Consultants Hable to develop the initiative which involved 350 staff having their traditional workspaces removed, being given new laptops and being trained on how to use technology and software that is now consistent throughout the University. A two-hour workshop saw their team familiarised with software such as Windows 10, Office365, OneDrive and Skype for Business, thereby ensuring all have the same level of fluency across the board. This element proved essential in easing concerns about staff losing their desktop PCs and physical desks and moving into a new mindset of working within flexible social spaces. This bold element of the process was essential to ensure that everybody was in the correct stage of development before embracing the new technology.

The technological side of the initiative included The University of Bristol embracing Microsoft Surface Hub. Working with GV Multimedia for provision, project design and integration of Microsoft Surface Hub, the University and Hable were able to incorporate this incredible technology into their programme along with the rest of the flexible, collaborative AV solution, also provided by GV.

The introduction of the new initiative and the advent of the Microsoft Surface Hub have been well received by the University of Bristol. Surface Hub provides a user-friendly singular platform for a wide variety of collaborative processes. Despite its Swiss Army knife-like array of features, the incredible complexity of the Surface Hub is all under the hood, leaving the users with a uniquely intuitive system that only relies on the already widespread familiarity of a Windows operating system. Suffice to say, the University has hit the ground running and achieved great success with the system and the programme overall.

The University of Bristol worked with Hable, commissioned by GV Multimedia to put together this fantastic video showing the benefits of the Microsoft Surface Hub in a world class educational environment.

We’re very pleased to have been their AV technology integrator of choice, and having worked with the University and Hable to achieve this effective goal.