Jordan Brown

The operation proved an unmitigated success as both branches are now thriving, generating opportunities for customers old and new. It’s been (and remains) a busy and exciting time for GV’s Northern offices.

Where we’ve really seen opportunity for expansion however is North of the border. Traditionally, we’ve always had our North East branch serve our Scottish customers, but as the Newcastle branch bolstered their operations, it was clear that there was a huge opportunity available for us to develop even further and open a branch in Scotland.

We’re delighted to have now opened GV Multimedia – Dundee. We’ve expanded our operations in Scotland with the acquisition of Vision Sound and Light’s integration business. VSL has long had a strong presence throughout the country along with an impressive portfolio. Taking over their offices in Dundee, VSL’s founder Gary Langlands has been appointed as GV Multimedia’s Country Manager – Scotland. Heading up a team that will be expanding in the coming months, Gary will be joined by Scotland’s Account Manager Mairi Scott, who will move her operations from Newcastle to the new branch.

GV Chairman, Brian Abrahams is excited at the opportunities a branch in Dundee will afford. “We are delighted to be establishing a permanent base in Scotland which will be staffed locally with support initially from the other five English branches in the GVMM network. Scotland has previously been serviced from Newcastle and they have done a great job but the time is right for us to make this significant investment to develop the Scottish market.”

The whole GV Multimedia team is pleased with the news of a sixth branch and we all welcome Gary to the GV family. We’re enthusiastic at the prospect of having somebody as skilled and experienced as Gary heading up this task. The combination of his expertise and GV’s strength makes for a fantastic opportunity for ourselves and our Scottish customers.

Gary said, “This strategic move for GVMM is long overdue and I am so pleased to be part of this new opportunity going forward. The strength and expertise of GVMM will offer clients a comprehensive range of solutions and a fantastic audiovisual experience as we strive to delight our customers old and new. Having a base in Dundee will also improve our response times while we are also to invest in staff training and development to enhance competencies across the board.”

The new branch is operational now and we will be looking to expand the Dundee team shortly.


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