Back in 2013, Exeter team's Christmas party saw Engineering Team Leader Matt Slade attempt to display his epic appetite by taking on Harry’s Restaurant’s behemothic dessert – Harry’s Heart Attack – single handedly.

“Two will struggle, one will fail” taunted the gargantuan, frozen monstrosity from the pages of the menu. Refusing to back down and with his ears ringing from the clatter of Harry’s gauntlet having been thrown at his feet, Slade shrugged off the challenge and proceeded to consume the beast as if it were little more than a wafer thin mint. This courageous tale of man vs mountain became the stuff of legend.

One year later and the Exeter team once again descended upon the ice cream amphitheatre. Fuelled by Matt’s legacy and recent questions as to whether or not his appetite was actually all that impressive, two other team members – Marketing Executive Jordan Brown and Engineer Dave Bates – opted to test whether or not the feat was all that impressive. Refusing to have his status challenged, Matt agreed to once again brace the tundra and take on the challenge.

Aware of the task ahead, Bates ordered a lighter menu for the rest of his festive feast – opting for ribs and fishcakes while Brown chose ribs and macaroni cheese. Seemingly undeterred by the task ahead, Slade drank pints of cider and opted for a doughy garlic bread starter followed by the MOAB – the Mother of All Burgers, a 1lb monstrosity rammed with ground beef patties, cheese and bacon.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a fully-integrated TeamMate lectern on BBC Spotlight last night. The show featured a segment on the clearing system that was based at University of Exeter's Forum - hosted in one of the building's Exploration Labs which features a host of AV equipment that was installed as part of a vast project by the Exeter team. 

GV Multi-media is proud to sponsor the 11th hole at Gerrards Cross Golf Club. Being his preferred course, GV Chairman Brian Abrahams was delighted to see the sponsorship plaque in place when he recently enjoyed a round of golf at Gerrards Cross' fantastic course. The 11th hole now features granite plaques featuring the company logo and contact details for all to see.