Jordan Brown

GV Multimedia is one of the only AV dealers in the UK to offer an in-house rack building service.
Our team has many years of experience in rack building - our Hounslow rack builders have integrated over 250 racks this year so far and they're still going. While the majority are new builds, we are also called upon to restore and recable legacy racks. Neat rack wiring is crucial to any AV system for a whole host of reasons. One of the main ones is that it provides ease of access to equipment and connectors should anything go wrong or any other need arise.The thing is, AV equipment doesn’t last forever, and that also applies to cables which can deteriorate over time. It should come as no surprise that it's far easier to swap out a lead with a replacement if there’s access to it and you can see where it’s going. By the same token, it’s a lot safer to swap out any piece of equipment if you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re not yanking out any other cables with it.

If you opted to live with a bird’s nest of a rack and did haphazardly pull out any piece from it, you could not only pull connectors from the AV gear (which, with an unkempt rack, could be a nightmare in and of itself), but you could also cause untold amounts of damage. With room to move inside the rack, you’re far less likely to cause such issues.

It makes life a lot easier when troubleshooting too. If an AV engineer can easily access the back of a rack, it means that they’ll be able to address your issue without first getting frustrated at having to navigate their way through something that resembles an aerial view of Spaghetti Junction. It also means that you won’t be needlessly using up valuable AV support time on an engineer who’s trying to traverse a cable jungle before they even get to the actual problem. You should also consider the possibility that you could have an issue where a malfunction in the rack means you call out an engineer out of hours, only to find that the problem was caused by a cable that’s been left hanging.

Simply put, there are many, many reasons not to leave your AV rack in a terrible state, but it all boils down to professionalism. If a rack is neat and tidy, it inspires confidence in the equipment and facilities. For the customer, an orderly AV rack will perform better for audiences and appeal aesthetically to users to a far greater extent than a wiry mess would. From an integrator’s point of view, it’s important to us because, if our work isn’t neat, why would you want us to do anything for you again? Basically, neat rack wiring is in everybody’s best interest and as one of the country’s top AV integrators, we have a wealth of experience in not only wiring new racks properly, but also in rewiring legacy AV units.

Rack - Before  Rack - AfterThe images here show the same rack before and after we had some our highly skilled rack wiremen (Nomi and Andre) recable it. Previously, this unit featured power supplies for all and sundry fixed to the sides of the unit by cable tidies. Wires from old equipment had been left hanging after a piece of equipment had been taken out with the culprit neglecting to put blanking panels in place. This, of course, means audiences can see right through the substantial gap to the tangled monstrosity beyond – which was at least formerly obscured from view before the piece of equipment was removed.

The issues with the image on the left are too numerous to go through, but it speaks for itself. Conversely, the image on the right shows just how neatly the rack can be laid out. Cables are cut to an appropriate length, each is labelled properly (though the rack did admittedly already have that), blanking plates have been added to the front, lacing bars have been added to run cables along, everything is secured in place properly with cable ties and all cables and power has been loomed out of the unit.

Pictures speak louder than words though, and you only have to glance at the two images to tell that the one on the right is light years ahead of the one on the left. We’re proud of what we can do with racks. This isn’t a premium service – this is what we do with every piece of AV furniture we commission. We get a lot of satisfaction from restoring and recabling older equipment. Not only is it a golden opportunity to show just how neat and professional we are, but it makes our lives a lot easier whenever we have to modify legacy equipment in any way. It also provides the chance to replace any old cables that have deteriorated and lost their flexibility. If you have old racks that look like they’ve been thrown together, give your local GV Multimedia branch a call. We have teams of rack wiremen at each of our branches and they all love a challenge. They can assess the situation and either rewire it for you or at least offer some sound advice that you can trust.